Internationally renowned designer wants to illuminate

the world with solar light


“For many years I have made lamps, works of art for royals and rappers. Now I want to develop affordable, solar powered lamps for people everywhere.” Speaking is Annet van Egmond, founder and former co-owner of Brand van Egmond.


This Netherlands based designer is renowned throughout the world for her light sculptures. As many of these sculptures have been inspired by Africa, so too have her new solar cell powered lamps - SolarPuck© and Miss Nightingale©.


"The sun is free and always available. That is why I've designed two affordable and durable lamps based on solar cell technology. Inspired by Africa, not only in design, but also in functionality, these lamps are founded on the principle of positive impact both socially and environmentally".


"My mission is to utilise the latest solar powered technology to make high-quality, clean and affordable light accessible to everyone everywhere." Solar lighting is poised to improve incomes and educational attainment, but also health across the developing world as it replaces toxic kerosene.

Kerosene, which provides lighting for millions of homes across Africa, is detrimental to human health and the environment, and is also a financial burden. At the same time, these lamps can help reduce our dependency on electricity and subsequent C02 emissions. Annet truly believes that by making high quality solar cell powered light accessible to people globally the world will benefit in a multitude of ways.


The prototypes of both Solar Puck© and Miss Nightingale© were presented during a Dutch trade mission to South Africa, led by the Dutch Prime Minister Rutte. Annet is now looking for business partners, investors and distributors who identify with her vision to illuminate the lives of people everywhere with clean and reliable light. She wants to partner with people and multinationals that want to support the launch and roll-out of these ethical lamps.


"Because what we sell is a direct extension of why we do it, we can attract a loyal customer base who believe in the mission and is excited to have found a way to be part of the solution."

“Much of my inspiration I found in Africa.

That’s why now it’s a logical step for me to give something back to Africa.”


SolarPuck© is a lamp with a conscience, a lamp that cares about people’s welfare and safety. SolarPuck© is a light for everyone around the world –regardless of their situation or location. Even if they do not have access to electricity, SolarPuck© will ensure access to clean light. SolarPuck© is a durable lamp that charges by day and shines bright at night.


Designed to fit on a bottle, SolarPuck© is also wearable on the arm or on clothing. This multipurpose light can act as a lamp at home or as a flash light while walking home after dark. SolarPuck© can be with you throughout your day. When you are on the move, SolarPuck©, can be with you charging and getting ready for the evening. No matter where you are or what your situation is, SolarPuck©, will be by your side making sure you can see and be seen at night.


A SolarPuckAlarm© is also available. This combines both a solar lamp and an alarm to give a greater feeling of safety while walking at night. In addition, premium design versions of the lamp are also available.

SolarPuck© is an ethical lamp. It is a lamp designed to improve the quality of life and light for millions of people around the globe. Therefore a percentage of profits made from the sale of Puck, will be donated the Annet van Egmond Foundation.


The aim of this foundation is to empower people in Africa to build and sell SolarPuck© lamp themselves and in doing so create their own long-term, sustainable wealth.



“Bringing light to the people of Africa is my mission.

In the townships as well as the remote areas.”

Miss Nightingale©

Miss Nightingale© is a stylish solar candle light that cares about our planet. Designed to use solar power to give light while also increasing public understanding of the importance of reduced electricity consumption, Miss Nightingale aims to be a symbol for environmental awareness and ultimately create a better and healthier planet.

Miss Nightingale© is perfect for every type of house and can be used inside or out. Whether that is in a dining room, a garden or while camping. This decorative light will be available for sale to the hospitality industry, as well as in high-end camping stores in Europe.


As with SolarPuck©, a percentage of profits made from the sale of Miss Nightingale©, will be donated to the Annet van Egmond Foundation and the funds raised will be used for environmental causes that strive to nurture our planet earth.




Financial Focus
Financial Focus
August 2016
NL, Amsterdam

Text by Hans van Willigenburg
Photo by Janus van den Eijnden

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