Annet van Egmond Studio

Already at a young age I discovered my talents and passion for design. After graduating from the Art Academy I started in the garage of my parents to weld metal sculptures. By adding a lighting bulb to it I suddenly created my first chandelier.

Annet van Egmond Studio Shines her light on the world with sustainable light sources. Manufacturers and distributors are kindly invited to contact her. Collaborative partners can rely on her 30 years of design experience and an innovative perspective on lighting. Her signature style is that of luxury, hand crafted, sculptural, detailed, often accompanied by sustainable solutions. She was part of Brand van Egmond for a long time. The designs can be found in museums and Dutch embassies all over the world, as well as in the homes of rappers and royalty. With “Chandelier”, assembled from glass found in a skip, she already caused quite a stir back in 1989. Inspiration is derived from nature. Miss Solar Light in cooperation with WWF is an affordable and durable lamp based on Solar charging and Led technology. For the Salone del Mobile 2020 she is currently working on new innovative designs. As an entrepreneur she wishes to develop solutions that benefit both the environment and society.

Responsible for:
• Concept design and development
• Brand development
• Production
• Marketing
• Partnerships

Focus on sustainability

Together with my former partner I than started “Brand van Egmond”. In 30 years we created a global brand and delivered products in 66 countries.In 2011 I have started my own design studio: “Annet van Egmond Studio”. It’s my intention to build a Design team that focusses on products that are sustainable. It is my strong believe and commitment to nature that we cannot and should not continue to exploit our planet as we have done lately. That is why I only want to use renewable energy sources, renewable or bio degradable materials and energy efficient light sources (LED).

Anniversary of 30 years Lighting Design

I was often asked where my passion for light and sculpture comes from. My love of the craft, to discover new technology and to focus and love the experience and the urge to develop and to grow is a significant driving force. It’s so exciting to improving on yourself.

In 1989 saw the birth of our first lighting sculpture, Chandelier. She was born out of masses of sketches in repetitions which I made during my Academy period. With Brand van Egmond were 20 wonderful years.

All my products have a story. The story comes first and than the product. Every product has to have a soul. Light could be a sculpture but could also shine a light on the big Issues of our World.

My love for Nature like I wrote in my book Lighting Sculptures Is so important that’s why I love to give something back. I have focussed for 4 years on sustainable lighting Design, Technical engineering, software and improving manufacturing.