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Here in the Art Space I show the rhythms of my drawings from 1988 adapted to sculptures of wood, iron, copper, brass and stainless steel. In practice, they are geometric in shape with the aim of creating order out of chaos. Look, this is what I think is so beautiful: What I admire Megalithic mankind did in the very beginning. And you can see that in a number of different series that I make.

These images are best found in the middle of Nature, right under the trees where the twigs come from. This is how I bring the inspiration back to the source as an expression of ultimate freedom. In this way, the inner-outer relationship is subtly emphasized, as is the use of materials. The garden mainly produces green and brown tones while the sculpture is made of metal that is galvanized in a zinc bath. During galvanizing, the zinc alloys with the steel and creates an unbreakable layer. Ideal for a stay in Nature. This is also the view of the garden birds who like to sit on it.

Playful sparkles of light dance on the walls of Annet van Egmond’s Art Space. The tastefully designed space was built by Annet and her team to accommodate exhibitions as well as concerts, openings, book presentations and other events. The multifunctional space boasts museum quality and offers the perfect place for sculptures made by Annet… Read more

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