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Annet van Egmond

Size80 x 100 x 100 cm
MaterialsStainless Steel
Limited Edition1 / 25
Console100 x 100 x 42 cm
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Here again we go back to the source. This work has been created entirely spontaneously from the idea that you can let the rhythms of nature do the work yourself. The division of the plane is completed by T-shaped pieces that compose a new symphony together. If you look at it for a little longer, you will experience the inspiration of the sea. The flexibility of the work stands for the apparent coincidence that is so characteristic of nature. It breathes, it lives, it moves. It almost goes up in the air. 

The iron rod rhythms have been evaluated at more or less right angles. On the wall there is a dance of shadow surfaces and lines that are created by the falling light. There is fearless experimentation just as nature is or itself.

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