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Annet van Egmond

Size30 x 30 x 80 cm
MaterialsStainless Steel
Limited Edition1 / 25
Console30 x 30 x 100 cm
Base30 x 30 x 4,5 cm
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Hortense Sculptures with Light

“Translating the beauty of nature”

“With my profound love for nature, it may come as no surprise I’ve surrounded myself with it. In 2019 I created my Art Space and sculpture garden. 

Here I’ve spent many hours observing the hydrangeas. These lovely plants grow in clusters called corymbs. They have beautiful geometric patterns and veins of leaves that inspired my Hortense line. Y shapes are found in flowers and branches of trees. Nature repeats itself. You can recognize them by the Y-shaped repetitions. Creating the Hortense sculptures, I considered myself a humble translator of this small part of nature’s beauty.” 

Having spent four years focussing on sustainable lighting for the international Miss Nightingale solar project, Annet now combines her nature inspired sculptures with the technological possibilities of our time. 

 “Combining technology into my work proves a lot about the time when it was made. The technology we use now can only exist now. Twenty years ago it wasn’t possible to produce a sustainable light source the way it can be made today. I enjoy using these optimized aspects of light, creating a spectacular piece with only a little bit of LED light. The light inside the sculpture only enhances the rhythms through the shadows it casts on the wall.” 

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