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Dutch Rhythms Contour

Annet van Egmond

Size25 x 25 x 56 cm
MaterialsRusted Iron Corten Steel, Stainless Steel
Limited Edition1 / 50
SerieDutch Rhythms
Console15 x 15 x 102 cm
Base15 x 15 x 3 cm
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Dutch Rhythms Contour

These sculptures are based on sketches about the rhythms of the sea. The waves, the brilliance, the eternal movement I composed in the pursuit of order. And to define these rhythms I put them back in an oval. The unpredictable and absurdity of nature goes in all directions, that is the movement I want to capture in my sculptures.

Contour here you can see a sort of bundling of geometric shapes that are combined in an oval. An esthetic solution to bring order into the organic process. This oval defines the sculpture, hence the name Contour. This work can breathe and is a logical step from the raw beginning. This range can be placed inside or outside, for example with an attractive powder coating. If you’re open to nature and admire it, you’ll see how my series Touched by Wood came into being. Not only by walking around as an observer, but by picking up something from nature.

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