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Touched by Wood

Annet van Egmond

Size160 x 60 x 100 cm
MaterialsGalvanized Steel
Limited Edition1 / 12
SerieTouched by Wood
Console80 x 60 x 100 cm
Base40 x 60,5 x 5 cm
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Touched by Wood 

Nature is leading my work

As a child I grew up with the consciousness of trees. As an artist, I am the translator of that consciousness. Nature has a soul that touches me. That emotion is leading for all my work. You can see that in the colours and materials of the sculptures I make. You could say that I feel very united with the desire of what nature gives us. She remains my source of inspiration.

Abstraction of rhythms

The leafy and soul of a beautiful old tree I try to conceive in a sculpture. Not only to make that so impressive, but especially because a tree is doing it’s best to stand long and function well. Ultimately, everything in the universe is in contact with everything. Trees and animals also belong to this. The experience of that emotion is different for everyone. This experience leads me to a way of communicating that you see in my series of sculptures Touched by Wood. The playful twigs that dart on the path of the garden, I transform into geometric shapes that create a cadence. This way you experience the rhythm of nature in all my sculptures. And if you listen carefully, you hear the murmur of the wind between the branches.

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