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Rhythms of Gourds – Origins drawing 1988

Annet van Egmond

MaterialsEast-Indian Ink on Paper
Limited EditionUnique
SerieOrigins Rhythms 1988
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The rhythm of nature

Started in 1988 when I was at the Academy. Here you see the deep emotion that nature brings to me. And how I try to feel the rhythm of nature in the sea, the marram grass, the trees, the branches and the leaves. That rhythm has always fascinated me. And still. I see it as the basis, the ongoing theme in my work. Everything I have made after these drawings is based on this. You can say that nature has always been guiding me as the DNA of my work.

This signature can be seen on large and small work, right down to the veins of the petals. Each sketch is characterized by its own signature in abstract rhythms which once performed as a sculpture play with light and reflections. As a great example, I see Mondriaan, the painter of the Dutch landscape. As he translated realism into abstract, I do so with my sculptures. And whether it’s trees, the sea or ebb and flood, I try to abstract these rhythms as purely as possible.

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